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If you have ever tried to make money online through affiliate marketing, you will have most definitely come across JVZOO. In this review of JVZOO, you will find what JVZOO is, the features it offers and how it can help you as an affiliate marketer. When you first get involved in Affiliate Marketing, it’s imperative to pick the right affiliate programs.

JVZOO Review

Nowadays a lot of people are getting drawn to JVZoo.

But is this Affiliate Program even worth it?

How does JVZoo work?

Can someone make JVZoo purchases, or figure out how to sell JVZoo on their own, with nothing more than access to the JVZoo product library?

How much money can you make with this program, regardless of the JVZoo seller fees?

Can JVZoo be compared and/or contrasted with Clickbank? In other words, should we even discuss JVZoo vs. ClickBank?

Should you choose JVZoo in 2019?

All these questions and much more will be answered in our comprehensive review of this affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing can be quite challenging especially if you are new to the niche or even a rookie entrepreneur. That’s not to come across offensive, but it is to help you take a reality check and consider whether you have the resources and time to invest in a business model like this.

By the end of the article, you’ll understand how to succeed with this platform, and why so many people are choosing this program in 2019.

What Is JVZoo?

The prime thing you need to first understand about JVZoo is that it’s focused entirely on digital products.

We’re talking software, digital services, online courses, and much more.

There are no physical products to promote on JVZoo. While some might be discouraged by this fact, others will immediately become attracted to this platform.


Because digital products are usually much more profitable for Affiliate Marketers to promote, the commission rates are higher, and there’s a huge market of people who are actively buying these products on the internet.

Sure, there might be a lot of competition in this niche. But if you can carve out your own little piece of the pie, the rewards could be phenomenal.

This company was founded way back in 2001, and since then it’s established a track record for being among the most successful and trustworthy affiliate programs in the world.

It’s also one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, period.

Both vendors and affiliates are attracted to this program for a number of reasons. But in the end, it all comes to one thing:

There are simply tons of money to be made on this site.

Affiliates love JVZoo because they get paid instantly on all the commissions they earn, and it’s easy to keep track of their affiliate marketing efforts with this site.

Vendors also get access to tons of tools and support systems that help them keep track of their products and the affiliates who are out there promoting them.

As an affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn significant bonuses if you’re performing well and turning in great numbers.

And believe it: you could even earn 100% commission on some front-end products.

Those are only a few notable benefits of choosing JVZoo, and there are many more reasons to choose this program.

The JVZoo Marketplace

JVZoo Marketplace is where you’ll go as an affiliate to choose products and promote them.

Although JVZoo focuses on digital products, there are actually tons of different niches within that broad category to choose from.

In fact, there are over 200 niches to choose from.

But if you’re really trying to make some money with JVZoo, you should probably stick to the most popular niches in the Marketplace.

These niches are eCommerce, Software, Finance, Self-Improvement, and Health & Fitness.

That being said, Health & Fitness and Self-Improvement products hardly ever make it to the best-sellers list on the JVZoo’s Marketplace. This doesn’t mean that these niches aren’t profitable – there’s just less money to be made here.

Checking the best-sellers list is a great way to figure out which products are actually good. While there might be tons of products to choose from on JVZoo, some of them aren’t worth your time.

You’ll need to be pretty strategic and careful if you want to pick out the best products, so take your time and make your decisions carefully.

Of course, the best way to figure out whether a product is worth selling is to buy it yourself. Affiliate Marketers should always test out the products that they’re selling, and it’s a great way to figure out if certain products have potential.

When you understand a product, it’s much easier to promote it to your audience.

And remember, in order to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer, you usually have to review the product you’re trying to promote. Usually, this means writing a blog article or filming a YouTube review.

And remember, products on the bestsellers list aren’t necessarily high quality. There’s a lot of faulty and substandard products on JVZoo, so be careful.

Some products are eCommerce products that make ridiculous claims. They often boast features that are completely implausible, and sometimes impossible altogether.

Make sure you do your research before promoting a product on JVZoo.

How To Pick The Best Product

But what if you’re a total newbie, and you don’t know how to tell the good products from the bad?

How can you possibly hope to succeed on JVZoo?

As it turns out, there are a few strategies you can use to make sure you’re always picking the best products that’ll rake in plenty of profit.

There are a few of the many websites out there where you can do even more product research before you make your decision. Check out Muncheye and JVNotifyPro for starters.

However, it’s tough to fully understand a product if it’s totally new to the market.

When a product has just been released, you’ll probably just find marketing information scattered around the web. This promotional content is usually filled with hype and buzzwords, instead of actual facts.

If you’re considering a brand new product, wait a little while before you pull the trigger. After a month or so, other affiliates will start to write reviews detailing their experiences. This will give you a real idea about whether or not a product is actually worth it.

But whatever you do, do not trust reviews which were written on the same day as the release.

Another great way to analyze a product’s potential is to check out the refund rate. This crucial information is usually clearly written on the statistics page, along with the rest of their sales data.

Remember, a JVZoo account is free, and you’ll immediately get access to all of this important sales data for each product on the database.

JVZoo Does Not Do A Lot Of Quality Control

JVZoo has a massive product database, and tons of new products are released every single day.

There’s a lot going on, and JVZoo doesn’t make much of an effort to control it for the most part.

There are seemingly fraudulent and shady products that pop up every day on JVZoo. The affiliate program itself doesn’t take any real responsibility to clean up this scammy nonsense from its database.

Of course, this means that the responsibility to assess products falls on your shoulders. Don’t get duped. You ought to be really careful about which products you choose, and be wary of products that are, self-evidently, way too good to be true.

It’s worth pointing out that even JVZoo’s “Product Of The Day” can be a pretty shady option. It seems like this honorary title is given to products that simply make the top three best sellers list.

Even with this recommended product, it seems like JVZoo is simply picking the products that make the most money, rather than the highest quality products.

Sometimes the product of the day really is the best option. But even with this recommended option, you still need to do your homework and figure out whether this product is actually worth it.

You can filter the best sellers list in many different ways.

The four list options are Daily Best Sellers, Yesterday’s Best Sellers, Weekly Best Sellers, and Monthly Best Sellers.

This is why your ownership of your own digital assets and ability to sell from the results that you personally make in local lead generation can be more beneficial; you’re in charge of quality control, along with the local business that you’ve partnered with who are taking all the referral calls from your lead gen sites that you’ve taken the time to rank online.

There are no shady options available in our coaching program that guides on generating leads for local service providers; the principle is that you make money when your client, the local business owner, sees a profitable arrangement and chooses to pay you long-term for the ongoing results that you provide.

That’s a huge difference in digital marketing efforts from the mainstream service providers out there who just want a paycheck but aren’t interested in being held accountable for their actions when it comes to the digital marketing claim of getting someone ranked at the top of Google for “x” amount of cash each month.

Bottom Line: When you operate ethically and perform solid work, you’ll see the fruits of your labors.

How Much Can You Make On JVZoo?

This is perhaps among the most important questions of all.

Yes, you can make money on JVZoo. In fact, there are many affiliates who are currently making six to seven figures with this affiliate program alone.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but it is definitely possible.

Every veteran affiliate marketers know that this industry is anything but easy money. To succeed in this business, you need to work hard, do your research, and put in the hours.

Affiliate Marketing is similar to most other business. If you expect to succeed, you need dedication.

Choosing the right products is probably the most important thing when it comes to JVZoo.

Some Things To Keep In Mind
One thing you’d probably do well to keep in mind is that you actually need to get the vendor’s permission before you can start promoting a product on JVZoo. Most vendors are very eager to work with you, and it’s not actually much a problem.

While JVZoo can work for beginners, you’ll be jumping into the deep end as a newbie. That’s perhaps why it’s probably a good idea to get some experience as an affiliate marketer before you start working through JVZoo.

It’s a user-friendly site, but you’ll probably get the most out of it if you’ve already established yourself as an affiliate marketer elsewhere.

But even veterans will benefit from JVZoo’s very own educational program. This is called JVZoo Academy, and it’s a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to navigate through this affiliate program like a pro.

That being said, you might find better courses on affiliate marketing elsewhere. Other courses might not be specialized towards JVZoo, but they’ll probably give you a deeper understanding of the general subject.

That being said, JVZoo isn’t exactly expensive. With a one-time fee of $27, it’s probably worth a try.

Are There Better Programs Out There?

JVZoo obviously isn’t the only option out there, and you can find many other similar affiliate programs on the web.

The question is whether or not JVZoo stacks up to the competition.

JVZoo’s main issue is that it sometimes offers products which are substandard and untrustworthy. But to be honest, that’s a common issue among these affiliate programs – even with big names like ClickBank.

But there are some alternatives out there who handle product quality much better. If this is a dealbreaker for you, then you might want to check out Stacksocial, AppSumo, or CodeCanyon.

Some of these sites feature real reviews written by other affiliates, which makes it much easier to identify whether or not this product is actually worth promoting.

On these alternative platforms, you might also find unique products that JVZoo is lacking, such as WordPress Plugins and Facebook Apps.

It’s always a perfect idea to shop around before picking a product. If you see a product you like on JVZoo, don’t be afraid to check out some of the other affiliate networks we’ve mentioned above.

They might have the same product – but with real reviews and possibly a better deal. You never know.

The Downsides Of Using JVZoo

The main downside of this platform, as we’ve already mentioned, is the fact that the Marketplace seems inundated with substandard and untrustworthy products.

Again, you’ll find the same issues with other affiliate platforms, so perhaps this isn’t such a huge deal.

It’s a common complaint, whether you ask vendors, newbies, or some of the top affiliates on the site.

Vendors might also pull the plug on their products with absolutely no warning. Once they’re gone, it’s impossible to contact them or get any support.

It all comes down to one major downside with JVZoo – the people running this platform are not very careful about choosing vendors and products.

Once again, this becomes your responsibility. So if you’re going to use this platform, you need to be ready to do tons of research and homework before choosing a product.

The Final Verdict

So what’s the final word on JVZoo?

Is this affiliate platform worth checking out? Or should you steer clear of this site altogether?

While there’s definitely a few bad products sprinkled into JVZoo’s Marketplace, there are also some great hidden gems…

You just really need to know where to look, and how to look.

Once you’ve figured out how to differentiate between the good and bad products, there’s serious money-making potential on this site.

The only problem is that sometimes even the worst products disguise themselves perfectly as profitable ones.

Sometimes, you simply get stuck selling a substandard product, and there’s nothing you can really do about that.

In many ways, this is a problem with affiliate marketing as a whole and doesn’t really involve JVZoo specifically.

On the other hand, this affiliate network could probably do a better job when it comes to evaluating products on its database, and sorting the good ones from the bad.

Almost every single product on JVZoo features information which is seriously hyped up. It’s rare to find a product on this site that doesn’t make unrealistic claims. Too often, developers brag about things that their products simply can’t achieve.

The problem is that these products often make tons of money – usually through hype alone. So JVZoo is a tough position where they can’t really say no to all this revenue coming through their site.

In the end, you have to think long and hard about which products you promote. It’s a fast-paced network, and it can feel a little unethical and scammy at times, but that’s exactly what this industry is all about at its core.

So is JVZoo worth your time?

There’s a hoard of cash to be made on this site.

That alone makes this site worth checking out.

And while we’ve talked a lot about bad products finding their way into the database, there are also tons of good products to find here.

We definitely recommend JVZoo to any seasoned affiliate that has the experience necessary to choose the right products.

In the end, the downsides of this platform can easily be overlooked in favor of sheer money-making potential.





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